We have various options for the disinfection of trucks. The situation can be viewed from two sides. We offer solutions for transporters who want to protect their own means of transport and their cargo. We also offer solutions for producers who want to be assured of reliable goods.

Truck Disinfection Unit – TDU

As a part of the first category we have the Truck Disinfection Unit (TDU). The Truck Disinfection Unit (TDU) is a vehicle mounted ULV fogging system for disinfecting trailers with the push of a button. This integrated electrical fogger uses the available compressed air of the truck to create a very fine and dry fog inside of the trailer. This dry fog keeps surfaces and objects dry and will penetrate any nooks and cracks. Not only the trailer, but also everything inside the trailer, like carts, crates, boxes etc., will be disinfected.

Truck Desinfectie Unit

Effects of mist on fresh products

Disinfection is not the only use of the Truck Disinfection Unit. Our device can be aptly used on fruits and vegetables while on transport. Research shows that dry mist has a positive effect on the storage life, as well as the vitamin worth of vegetables and fruits. Up to 25% of spoilage can be prevented through air dampening. That is good for the environment, as well as for transport companies.

Wheel disinfection unit

Cross contamination is an important source of infection at agri-food transport. Not only the load, but also the wheels are a hidden source of infestations. As a transporter you therefore ensure good hygiene of your lorry. But cleaning the wheels and the trailer after every destination results in a lot of hold-up. The Wheel Disinfection Unit (WDU) provides the solution to this. The WDU can be activated from the drivers seat and can be used while on the road to disinfect the wheels. The unit is connected to the compressed air system and carefully tucked under the chassis in the included safe box.

The WDU is a perfect match with the Truck Disinfection Unit, which disinfects the inside of the trailer. With the both of them, you have a total disinfection within hand’s reach.

Truck Disinfection station

For producers who want to protect their goods from harmful substances from outside, we have other solutions. Of course, not every truck that comes into onto your perimeter is equipped with the TDU and the WDU. You can take matters into your own hands with the TDS.

The Truck Disinfection Station (TDS) is an automatic disinfection system based on compressed air. This gatekeeper prevents the spread of disease by thoroughly disinfecting every truck coming onto the site. Many disinfection sluices only disinfect the sides and roof of the truck. But it is generally the underside and the wheels that come into contact with contaminated surfaces. The unique feature of our Truck Disinfection Station is that these parts are also disinfected. This is because extra spray heads are placed in the platform on the underside. This way you achieve 360° disinfection.

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