Truck Disinfection Unit – TDU

All lorries, trailers and other vehicles used for the transport of animals, animal products, side products, cattle-fodder, slaughterhouse waste, vegetables, fruits and other contaminated materials are a potential risk in the spread of diseases. Vehicles should be decontaminated at all times to prevent diseases from spreading. The procedure for cleaning and disinfecting vehicles is actually the same procedure for cleaning and disinfecting the living spaces of cattle. Although special care is needed to make sure no equipment is damaged.


Frans Veugen can provide the possibility for automated disinfection through a permanent integrated unit. With the push of a button an entire trailer can be decontaminated. Make sure your load is safe.

Effects of mist on fresh products

Disinfection is not the only use of the Truck Disinfection Unit. Our device can be aptly used on fruits and vegetables while on transport. Research shows that dry mist has a positive effect on the storage life, as well as the vitamin worth of vegetables and fruits. Up to 25% of spoilage can be prevented through air dampening. That is good for the environment, as well as for transport companies.

automatic disinfection of trailers

  • 40 m3 treatment takes 5-10 minutes (depending on the configurations)
  • Misting cyclus can be started from inside the drivers cabin
  • Different kinds of disinfectants can be used (Quats, Aldehydes, Peroxide, Formaldehyde)
  • Spray heads and valves are completely stainless steel
  • Makes use of the available compressed air system (12 or 24 volts)
  • Suction height of the liquids is 0.5 meters (optionally 2 meters)
  • Desinfectant Desbest 700 + propyleenglycol stays active up to minus 20 degrees celsius
  • Liquid tank of 5 litres is sufficient for 10 to 30 treatments (depending on dosage, disinfectant and amount of waste)


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