Extraordinary custom-made: Patiosprayer

Many of our orders are, for lesser or larger parts, custom built. This is one of our greatest strengths: we can find a solution for every problem.

The case

The patiosystem of Vencomatic is a poultry system for broilers. The basis of this system is a number of floors with cages that are 100 meters long, but only half a meter long. The eggs are brought in via moving platforms on rails. The eggs hatch there, and when the chicks inevitably fall from the platforms they drop on soft bedding. This provides the chicks with a stressless start, avoiding the turmoil of the transport from hatchery to broiler company.

But there is one problem to this, and that problem is that vaccination is very difficult. Once the chicks are moving in the long and shallow cages, they are unreachable by traditional spraying methods.

This is why we designed the Patiosprayer together with Vencomatic. This sprayer bot is equipped with special sprayheads which give an extra wide and uniform spray image. The sprayer is slid into the cage, and then secured to the railing. With a push of a button the Patiosprayer start to move and vaccinates the entire cage from front to end. At the back it stops on its own, the Patiosprayer is collected and the process is repeated on the other floors.

This case shows that whatever the space or purpose is, there is always a solution. Are you looking for a custom-tailored solution for a issue at your company? Please contact us to discuss your problem at no cost.


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