Open Days were a great succes

We would like to thank every visitor of our open days for their presence and presents. We received a lot of positive reactions and we had a great time ourselves. Spread over 2 days we hosted 600 guests from the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and even from Russia and Israel.

We hope to see you soon at our company!


Two Cart Disinfection Stations for HEXO Canada

Both of these Cart Disinfection Stations are on their way to HEXO Corp in Gatineau, Canada. They are a big player in the Canadian cannabis cultivation horticulture industry and they are very keen on a polution free grow environment. The Cart Disinfection Stations ensure that every cart that enters and leaves the greenhouses is free of harmful bacteria and viruses.

Want to see the CDS in action? Check out a video of the CDS in a Dutch tomato greenhouse here:


Drone video new company facility

Very cool to be able to see our company facility from the sky!

Partly because of the solar panels from Xperal our new company facility is climate neutral. The in total 372 solar panels have a peak power of no less than 109,7 kWp.

Besides that, our facility is built without gas connection, all heating is done by heat pump.



Sjoerd graduated as fault-repair technician

Our colleague Sjoerd has gratuated from his course Fault-repair Technician. Congratulations Sjoerd! From now on we can provide the best service even quicker with our fault-repair technician duo Jean and Sjoerd.


100% Climate neutral

Xperal Zonnepanelen is currently finalising the 800 m2 of solar panels on our rooftop.

Did you know that our new building has no connection to gas? Starting from today, our building is 100% climate neutral. Our heating system is electric and will be fully powered by the energy that is being generated on our roof, just like any other electric utility in the building.


Synofog mentioned in Agriland (Ireland) article

Our fogger, the Synofog, has been mentioned in a article on Agriland.ie. The fogger is suggested as a interesting replacement for the agent CIPC. CIPC will be withdrawed from the market in the near future. Haggard Stores from county Dublin tested the agent 1,4 Sight, which they fog using the Synofog. The test achieved good results and the company invited Irish potato farmers to come and look at the product and the results. Check out the article here.


Company party

Last weekend we had a party with the colleagues and their partners. Below an impression of the day. Click on a image to enlarge it.


Production in the new building on a roll

We are now settled in our new building. We can work on many large machines at the same time now, because we have a lot more space to go around.


Maintenance training for Pulsfog

Today and in the coming weeks we are training mechanics in the maintenance of Pulsfog machines. Around 50 mechanics from the Netherlands and Belgium are brushing up on their knowledge to be able to provide better service to their customers.
Do you want to know more about this training, send us an e-mail at info@fransveugen.nl or call us at + 31 (0)495 460 188.


Surprise party for owners Frans Veugen Bedrijfshygiëne

Recently we had a surprise party to celebrate our move into the new building. The owners were lured out of the building using a ruse, while family, staff and friends gathered in the new building. Then we celebrated with champagne, gifts and dinner in a restaurant. The local news agency was at the scene to capture pictures.

Click on a picture to enlarge it.


New Building

From 4-2-2019, we started operating from our newly constructed working space. Our new address is Platinastraat 9, 6031 TW Nederweert. The new office and workshop is about 500 meters from our current building, and even easier to reach from the A2 highway. The new building is 4 times as big and is fitted with all kinds of new technology. We are looking forward to start working here and we invite you to come visit us. An official open day will be held sometime later this year.


Fogger Catalogue

Starting today we have a new catalogue for our fogging and spraying machines. In this catalogue all of our most important foggers and their chief attributes are displayed in an orderly fashion. We will use this catalogue for the first time at the Eurotier exhibition. There, you can ask us any questions about our machines.

Take a look at our fogger catalogue here.

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