Electronical control course

Niels, Frank, Jos and Olaf have started an Electronical control course. Our foggers are relying more and more on electronics, so it is crucial that all divisions of our company know as much as possible about this subject.

We like to give employees opportunities to develop a broader knowledge base, because this benefits both the quality of our employees and the machines we develop.

Good luck with the course, gentlemen!



‘Tis the season

The end of the year is a busy period for us. Many growers have ended the growing season. The empty greenhouses are being prepared for a fresh start. Part of this is a thorough cleaning and disinfection. On busy days our crews fog up to 30 hectares.

The work for our fogging crews will become slightly easier with our new Sprinter and fogging unit. We’re ready for the season!



Synofog featured in Akkerbouwkrant

The Synofog has again been featured in a Dutch trade journal. In the new edition of Akkerbouwkrant, Kees Claassen of agricultural contractor Heyboer BV and Rob Veugen of Frans Veugen Bedrijfshygiëne talk about our popular sprout inhibition solution.

You can view the feature here (Dutch).



CDS popular in North America

More and more American greenhouse growers are discovering our Cart Disinfection Station. From tomato growers, pepper growers to cannabis growers. The CDS is ideal in large horticultural greenhouses. By having the carts disinfected by the CDS, the spread of viruses and bacteria are limited and the other parts of the greenhouse remain protected.

In the coming weeks, three CDS’s will be transported to Ontario in Canada, and to North Carolina and Georgia in the United States.


Ready for the future

The impending ban on the CIPC sprout inhibitor has caused a landslide in the potato industry. There are three new agents on the market for the coming season. The new generation of sprout inhibitors cannot safely be fogged with the current foggers. That is why we have designed the ultramodern Synofog. In addition to being able to fog all new agents, it also has several other new techniques under the hood that make it stand out from the competition. The Synofog can be operated via a touchscreen panel or optionally even remotely via your own smartphone. The Synofog is an electrothermal fogger without an open flame, and is therefore much safer to use than its alternatives.

Many growers are already convinced of the Synofog’s power. This week, these Synofogs will go to their new owners all over Europe.

Are you ready to get started with the Synofog? Please contact us for the possiblities. Please note: Due to the high demand, we have a waiting list for the Synofog.



Summer holiday party

After all the hard work of the last months, to help our customers safely through the corona period, the summer holiday party was more than deserved. The party started with a beer tasting contest, in which many reputations were bruised … Stef and Jean-Paul may call themselves ‘master tasters’, congratulations to both!

Although we will operate at a lower staff occupation, our company will be opened as normal during the holiday period. We wish you a wonderful summer holiday!


Upcoming shows

This year we will be present at a number of trade shows. These include shows for horticulture, potato storage and intensive livestock farming. Below this text you can find an overview of where we will be exhibiting. We hope to meet you at one of these fairs!

Due to the corona crisis it’s possible these dates will change.


Online Aardappeldemodag

19th of August 2020 – Free of charge online event


Potato Europe

Potato Europe has been canceled.

Green tech

Green Tech Amsterdam has been canceled.


9th – 12th of February 2021
Hannover, Germany
Stand number: 23B29


Certis advises Synofog as the new generation fogger

With the upcoming ban on CIPC as a sprout inhibitor, potato farmers are searching for worthy successors. One of the most popular alternatives is Biox-M. The biological agent is one of three registered products for the sprout inhibitor Synofog. The others being 1,4Sight and Argos.

Certis just published an article on their website about the workings of the Synofog and Biox-M. Certis praises the Synofog as being the premium and innovative fogger that is ready for the future of sprout inhibitation.

The article is available here (Dutch).


Turbofoggers on Dutch news site

During this crisis the Turbofoggers of Frans Veugen Bedrijfshygiëne are often used to disinfect public areas. In this video on a Dutch news site you can see how the Turbofogger is being used by EWS Group / Eco Worldwide Solutions to clear a fitness area of viruses.

Click here to check out the video



Roam Technology has nominated us for the #FlowerBoostChallenge. This challenge is an initiative to support growers in these tough times. That’s why we ordered beautiful hydrangeas at Kwekerij Stals. We give these as gifts to our staff. We nominated the following companies to take on the challenge: PulsFOG Dr. Stahl & Sohn GmbH, Mertens and Berdex.



Seven Pulsfogs for French chateau

Some weeks ago we received seven trailers from Van Gog aanhangwagens. Today, we finished mounting seven Pulsfog on them. They will soon be on their way to wine producer Château de Sours in Bordeaux!

They will be put to use to protect the budding grape vines against night frost. This will have a significant impact on harvest loss.



Open Days were a great succes

We would like to thank every visitor of our open days for their presence and presents. We received a lot of positive reactions and we had a great time ourselves. Spread over 2 days we hosted 600 guests from the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and even from Russia and Israel.

We hope to see you soon at our company!


Two Cart Disinfection Stations for HEXO Canada

Both of these Cart Disinfection Stations are on their way to HEXO Corp in Gatineau, Canada. They are a big player in the Canadian cannabis cultivation horticulture industry and they are very keen on a polution free grow environment. The Cart Disinfection Stations ensure that every cart that enters and leaves the greenhouses is free of harmful bacteria and viruses.

Want to see the CDS in action? Check out a video of the CDS in a Dutch tomato greenhouse here:


Drone video new company facility

Very cool to be able to see our company facility from the sky!

Partly because of the solar panels from Xperal our new company facility is climate neutral. The in total 372 solar panels have a peak power of no less than 109,7 kWp.

Besides that, our facility is built without gas connection, all heating is done by heat pump.



Surprise party for owners Frans Veugen Bedrijfshygiëne

Recently we had a surprise party to celebrate our move into the new building. The owners were lured out of the building using a ruse, while family, staff and friends gathered in the new building. Then we celebrated with champagne, gifts and dinner in a restaurant. The local news agency was at the scene to capture pictures.

Click on a picture to enlarge it.


Fogger Catalogue

We have a catalogue for our fogging and spraying machines. In this catalogue all of our most important foggers and their chief attributes are displayed in an orderly fashion.

Take a look at our fogger catalogue here.

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