Frost protection at the vineyards with the Pulsfog K40


An innovative wine producer from the Bordeaux region was looking for a way to increase yields, by minimising night frost damage. Night frost is a major problem for many fruit growers. Often, a substantial part of the harvest is lost in these first weeks of the new growing season.

Success stories of frost protection by misting are coming from Eastern Europe. The technique is frequently used by blueberry growers in these areas.

The grape grower also wanted to use this method in the south of France. After initial tests with good results, the confidence was high enough to thoroughly invest in the technique. 8 Pulsfog K40‘s on rotating bases on trailers were constructed and sent to France. On nights when freezing temperatures threaten the buds, cars with the trailers drive through the fields and lay down a fog curtain.

The Pulsfog mist forms a blanket over the plants at the crucial hours before sunrise on cold spring nights. The remaining heat is retained under the mist blanket, protecting the buds from the freezing air.

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In the video below you can see a demonstration of this technique.

Company profile

Vineyard for wine production
Bordeaux region, France
198 acres of vineyard fields


8 Pulsfog K40’s on trailers

The benefits

  • More fruits through protection on the right time
  • Products used for misting are very cheap (glycerin and water)

More information?

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