PATENT PENDING - Automatic truck disinfection system for all trailers where extra hygiene is required

The Truck Disinfection Unit (TDU) is an integrated fogging system for disinfecting trailers with only a push of a button. This Automatic disinfection system creates a very fine and dry fog. A dry fogging device which injects fog into the trailer with a nozzle operating on compressed air. Leaving no wet spots inside the trailer and ensuring high penetration in nooks and crevices. Not only the trailer, but also everything inside the trailer like carts, crates and boxes will be disinfected. Keeping your trailer clean from pests, fungi and bacteria. This system is suitable for all trailers where extra hygiene is required.

Optionally, the TDU can also be used for fogging for humidification. With a humidistat the humidity can be regulated. Fog is injected when the humidity drops below a set level. Other options include: complete inside and outside disinfection, including wheel disinfection.

That is wat we call good hygiene on the road. Protect your truck and your load, every ride again.


The benefits

  • Automatic disinfection with one press of the button
  • Always sure of a perfect disinfection
  • Distinguish yourself from other transporters


More information?

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General Director
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