Powerful battery backpack sprayer, developed with and for professionals

Continues spray on constistant pressure for uniform results

The most complete backpack sprayer has been renewed. The new model, the MSB15LiDX, distinguishes itself from its predecessor on a number of areas. The MSB15LiDX has a Lithium-Ion battery. The battery is lighter in weight, yet it can go longer without a recharge. You can spray for up to 160 minutes with the new MSB15LiDX. The new model is longer and smaller, improving the wearer’s comfort.

Apart from the obvious comfort and ease of use of an electrical backpack sprayer, the MSB15LiDX will get you better spraying results. The pump will provide a constant pressure, making the spray image uniform and with the same droplet size throughout the spraying application. This results in a more uniform treatment overall and better results compared to a spray application with a manual pump.

The MSB15LiDX is specially made for Veugen Technology BV with the high demands of the professional user in mind. By using high performance materials and parts, the MSB15LiDX is the battery backpack sprayer for the professional in the poultry and horticultural industry.

Below you can see a recording of the Maruyama in action. The chicks in this video are getting vaccinated. We advise to vaccinate with the lights down considerably. The lighting needed to shoot this recording makes the chicks too tense to stay in one spot, and instead run from the sprayer.

This machine is most frequently used in:


The benefits

  • Closed housing prevents contamination of critical parts
  • No residue fluid in tank

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