Whitepaper: FVX Sprayer

The FVX-sprayer is new in the field of bird vaccination by aerosol and spray equipment

For many years veterinarians and farmers are looking for a portable, light weight and cordless sprayer that is easy to use, without the inconvenience of extension cables. The FVX-sprayer combines the advantages of ULV fogging machines (for example Turbofogger, Atomist) with a larger distance range and less wetting of birds and the advantages of cordless battery backpack sprayers (for Example Maruyama MSB15li DX)

3 properties make it even more interesting:
1. The smooth and compact design allow easy handling and cleaning.
2. The ventilator of the FVX-sprayer allows a 2-3 meter spray distance.
3. The extra of the FVX-sprayer is the electrostatic charge of droplets. This gives repulsion between charged droplets and makes them distribute evenly and not merging together to bigger droplets

Normal spray application

FVX-sprayer application: Positive charged droplets with repulsion

In 2021 and 2022 tests have been done at poultry farms to measure if the FVX-sprayer can be the alternative light weight, cordless sprayer that farmers and veterinarians are looking for.

Droplet Size

Droplet size is important to know at vaccine application. It gives an indication about the behaviour of the spray and where droplets get in contact with the birds. Bigger droplets only reach the eyes, skin and feathers.
Smaller droplets get also into the nose and upper respiratory tract. The smallest droplets (aerosols) get also into deeper respiratory tract (e.g. lungs), giving a stronger inoculation reaction.

The droplet size of the FVX-sprayer is 69μ. This is a smaller droplet than produced by a backpack sprayer, and the droplet size is bigger than produced by a fogging machine.

Capacity per minute

Capacity of the FVX-sprayer is about 80 ml/min. It is important to relate this capacity to the walking speed in a poultry house, in relation to the number of animals and the amount of vaccine. For example in a house with 12.000 birds 1000 ml should be used, to be on the safe side. A 10 minute walk with 800 ml was estimated and proved to be sufficient.
70-80 ml/min = 4200 – 4800 ml/hour.


The battery is a 14.4Volt, 4.0 Ah battery. The battery is widely available for powertools, and can be easily exchanged. The battery allows 4 hours of continuous spraying. The sprayer uses 30 Watt.


Test FVX-sprayer ND vaccines Nobilis ND (C2+Clone 30) at rearing broiler breeders
At a rearing farm for broiler breeders where the FVX-sprayer has been tested, the chicks have been vaccinated for protection against ND virus with Nobilis ND C2 and Nobilis ND Clone 30 vaccines from MSD Animal health. Consultation between all stake holders has taken place before the application took place to discuss all possible scenarios.

Participating stake holders:
Veterinary practice: Veterinair Centrum Someren, Mr. Andre Steentjes, DVM, Mr. Erik van Geloof, DVM and Mr. Luc Snoeijen, DVM
Farm: Kemperman Poultry, Mr. Joost Kemperman
Laboratory: Royal GD Deventer, Prof. Dr. Sjaak de Wit and Mr. Teun Fabri, DVM
Vaccin supplier: MSD Animal Health
Feedcompany: ABZ-diervoeding
Supplier FVX-Sprayer: Frans Veugen Bedrijfshygiëne, Rob Veugen

Special thanks to Mr. Andre Steentjes, DVM, who put a lot of effort in guiding these tests, bringing all stake holders together, and setting up the protocol for the tests. The results made the veterinarians and the farmer excited to use the FVX-sprayer for more applications.

Test TRT vaccination with Nobilis Rhino CV
At the same rearing farm for broiler breeders a vaccination trial has been carried out to give protection against TRT, also known as Swollen head syndrome. Consultation between all stake holders has taken place before the application took place to discuss all possible scenarios. Mr. Luc Snoeijen, DVM: As far as I am concerned, this is an appropriate result for this ‘vaccination trial’, which shows that the FVX-sprayer device with the vaccine Nobilis Rhino CV vaccine can be used for a successful TRT vaccination.

Who can use the FVX-Sprayer?

The FVX-Sprayer is now tested to replace aerosol treatments in rearing farms for broiler breeders. We believe it can be used in vaccinations where already similar droplet sizes are used with fogging and fine spray applications. This can be done for applications at rearing farms, breeding farms, and at farms with day old chicks. Please check with your veterinarian and supplier the possibilities of the vaccine and consult us. We might already have more experience with new applications, after publication of this paper. We are always curious to learn about new applications, with other vaccines, different type of farms, and different type of animals.

Want to know more? We have a full version whitepaper available!
With test results and droplets size measurements.

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