Corona COVID-19

We are currently experiencing a global outbreak of the Corona COVID-19 virus. At Frans Veugen Bedrijfshygiëne we receive a lot of questions about this subject. On this page you can find the products that we recommend to fight the spread of the corona virus.

Desinfectz pro

Desinfectz Pro is a ready to use disinfectant based on lactic acid and hydrogen peroxide. It is a registered product and for sale in Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands. The agent comes in spray flasks of 750 ml. Desinfectz Pro is used for the disinfection of small surfaces and instruments in the healthcare and food industry. It is also a very suitable means for disinfecting door handles, shopping trolleys, keyboards and much more.

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Face protection and protective clothing

We thoroughly recommmend wearing face protection and protective clothing when working with fogging machines. We have a wide range of protective products for different sizes and uses.

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Truck desinfection unit

The Truck Disinfection Unit is of use in multiple industries as a way of countering Corona COVID-19. Some of these uses are: the transport of supermarket products, the delivery of clean linen to hospitals and care homes, but also for the periodic disinfection of touring cars which are used for bus vacations.

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The Turbofogger is a professional portable electrical fogger. It can be used with pretty much all agents and in all circumstances. It’s highly suitable for the disinfection of many areas in one go. The Turbofoggers are currently sold out but we are regularly producing new batches. It is to be expected that these will sell out before completion as well. We recommend you not to wait too long if you are interested in purchasing a Turbofogger.

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Do you have any further questions about equipment to prevent Corona COVID-19? You can always call or email us.

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