Dry mist gives the best results

The electrical ULV coldfogger system is specially developed for fogging disinfectants or other additives to provide a complete object or surface treatment. The guaranteed average droplet size smaller than 10 micron makes sure that every part of the surface is treated evenly. The robust design of the nozzle, with chemical resist hoses and stainless steel parts, provide you with a problem-free and reliable system that allows high quality disinfection day after day. The nozzle is designed to create a dry mist. This way surfaces stay dry, but can still be treated with the additive in the mist. This machine can be used with virutally all disinfectants: hydrogen perioxide, quats, formaldehyde and aldehydes. This version of the Coldfogger is the completely integrated system. This means multiple or bigger areas can be controlled from the same console. This results in an optimal attunement or distribution of areas to disinfect, which means less compressed air capacity is needed.

This machine is most frequently used in:


The benefits

  • Dry fog, no residue
  • Easily extendible to higher capacity
  • Low maintenance

More information?

We’ve been a customer of Frans Veugen Bedrijfshygiëne for almost 30 years. In our new hatchery Couvoir David SARL in Looberghe, we again choose for a fogging system from Veugen.

Paul van Ackere

Broederij Davids, Belgium and France

In 2011 we bought the system. In 2020 the pumps were replaced and the panel received a software update. All other parts are still in working order after 9 years of intensive use.

Peter Jorgenson

Aviagen ApS, Bække, Denmark
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